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Ballots are out; clean energy in the balance

As ballots drop for Election 2018, voters in Washington and Oregon consider clean energy ballot measures.

Clean power is possible - but there's no time to lose

New research provides a roadmap for clean power in the Northwest; but a new IPCC report shows there is no time to waste.

Who wants clean energy? Most people

In this week's ClimateCast: next steps for climate action, on the west coast and worldwide

Ahead of climate summit, West Coast lights up for climate action

California is setting the pace for what could be a record season of climate action. Can the rest of the west be far behind?

ClimateCast: California heads towards 100% clean

Golden State lawmakers this week took a dramatic step towards a commitment to achieve 100 percent clean electricity by 2045. The State Assembly approved SB100, which will require the state to get all of its electrical power from carbon-free sources within less than three decades. That plus more clean energy news, in this week's ClimateCast. 

ClimateCast: What about that New York Times magazine story?

A recent feature on the history of climate (in)action left out some key takeaways; how climate is shaping political debates in 2018; the scale of clean energy development continues to expand; and more in this week's ClimateCast.

ClimateCast - Extreme heat and clean energy

It's the season of heat waves and wildfires again... and the human, environmental and economic costs are mounting worldwide.

ClimateCast: Clear, clean skies obscured by stormy politics

The climate impacts of this American presidency. Despite which, there is plenty of good news to share on clean energy and international shifts away from fossil fuels!

ClimateCast: climate migration and clean energy news

Connections between the climate crisis and migration; Justice Kennedy's retirement; surging renewables and the race towards 100% clean energy. This week's ClimateCast is jam-packed with news you need to know.

Pacific states get serious on climate

Climate leadership: Hawaii makes a major clean energy commitment; Fossil fuels divestment here, clean energy investment; and accounting for the cost of sea level rise.