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What the hell just happened?

An unprecedented use of the word "unprecedented" in describing recent climate impacts. For many across the West Coast, the end of summer has been harrowing with hellish wildfires and livi


Hope is huge. But is it enough?

Big oil takes heat for lobbying against clean energy... plus more of the latest climate news.

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ClimateCast: A hot and heavy week in August

Do Democrats oppose fossil fuel subsidies?

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For businesses, climate is really the bottom line

The next frontier for clean energy transition: clean buildings.

Six Americas survey categories

Climate urgency: where are you on the spectrum?

Take a quick survey to see where you fit into the "six Americas" of climate change. Also: It was a bad week for the fossil fuel industry... and Time Magazine spotlights climate justice.

Cartoon gas flame "Don Fuego"

Hey, kids, fracked gas is good for you

Climate change tied to pregnancy risks—especially for Black women. Also, Seattle's new arena scores for climate action; Facebook is under pressure to get serious about hate speech...and climate action

woman holding black lives matter sign in a crowd

Climate justice and the movement to end police brutality

Black, indigenous and people of color leading within the environmental community are making the case that the climate movement must focus on the need to address police violence because an effective climate justice movement depends on BIPOC leadership.

woman holding sign saying "breathe breathe"

No climate progress without fighting racism

Who gets to enjoy a clean environment... or the environment at all?

Earth Day under quarantine

Oil prices go bonkers... and once the world wakes up, can't it be to a clean energy future?

Pandemic sheds more light on environmental justice

Fossil fuel ambulance chasing, coronavirus and climate.



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