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Climate strikers believe in—and will fight for—a clean energy future

A movement led by young people gets ready for a week of climate action

Climate takes center stage in presidential campaigns

Democratic presidential hopefuls focus on climate against the backdrop of Amazon forests ablaze...and positive indicators for clean energy development.

Study: more renewable energy benefits public health

New solutions for a changing climate in the Pacific Northwest A new 

Wind surpasses coal in Texas, plus the all-electric Ford F-150 stuns

Texas leads in wind energy, fracked gas in buildings next focus for carbon reduction, and the super exciting all-electric Ford F-150! 

Climate debates (?) and climate consequences

How our politicians talk (or don't) about climate... states building towards 100% clean... climate emergency: time to stop making it worse... and what really happened in Oregon?

A Chaotic week for Clean Energy Jobs

Clean energy politics got weird in Oregon this week. Not in a good way.

ClimateCast: Will youth climate lawsuit continue?

Last week, a federal court in Portland heard arguments about whether Juliana vs. United States should be allowed to proceed.

Supreme Court ruling is good news for clean fuels

The court's refusal to hear arguments against Oregon's Clean Fuels Standard is good news for the climate.

solar farm with mountains

Flipping fleets—and states and countries—to clean energy

Renewables are starting to leave coal in the rear-view mirror... cities continue pushing for clean buildings... plus more in this week's ClimateCast

Climate leadership, state to state

With a clean energy win accomplished in Washington, attention now turns to Oregon. Also: other states and cities show what climate leadership does and does not look like.