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Canada rocked by pipeline protests

Pipeline protests erupt across Canada; NW legislatures consider clean energy measures.

Clean. Electricity. Everywhere.

Climate progress confirmed as a top-tier political issue. Duh!

Big oil: even more dangerous than you thought

Oil and gas industries' latest hidden health hazard: radioactive waste; Electric trucks are coming... but not fast enough; those stories and more in the new ClimateCast. 

Maintaining hope in the age of climate change

What it's like to read climate news every day: some days, it’s inspiring. Other days, it weighs heavy on the heart.

Global warming persists, despite global warnings

COP25, floating solar installations, promising new EV investments and more of the latest climate and clean energy headlines

The future is arriving now: good, bad and ugly

Electric trucks are from the future...and the future has arrived

Climate emergency declarations call for clean energy solutions

Scientists answer Trump's Paris withdrawal by declaring a climate emergency. Meanwhile, every day presents more reasons to leave fossil fuels behind and embrace clean solutions.

The green economy continues to grow

Renewables boost US green economy, even more iconic cars going full-electric, Exxon's climate fraud trial, Trump vs. California round 2.

Federal science in crisis

Clean energy uprising, the dollars and sense of climate change, Trump’s latest environmental rollbacks and setbacks, and climate impacts and adaptations

Seven million reasons for hope

Seven million people hit the streets in a historic climate protest; the United Nations IPCC issues a newly dire assessment. So we know both where we are headed–and how to choose a different course. 



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