Helping the Northwest lead the world in sustainable aviation
The Port of Seattle announces new plans to help make Sea-Tac one of the first airports where passengers can fly on planes powered by low-carbon fuels, Our new report assesses the industry's efforts to make such fuels widely available. The short version: we're next in line for takeoff.
Sustainable Advanced Fuels

This Climate Solutions program is no longer active.

Sustainable Advanced Fuels accelerates low-carbon alternatives to petroleum-based aviation fuels in the Northwest. By putting a Clean Fuels Standard in place in Washington and Oregon, helping to build a viable advanced fuels market in the Northwest, and supporting international efforts to build a sustainable advanced fuels supply chain, we aim to achieve significant reduction in carbon emissions in the aviation sector.

Clean fuels offer a cleaner future and economic growth

New developments in advanced biofuels—and a proposed clean fuels standard—hold great promise for helping cut back our dependence on dirty oil.

Join the clean energy surge! Time for clean fuels in Washington

Elected officials are lining up to support clean fuels in Washington. Add your voice to this surge for consumer choice, job growth and a cleaner environment!

Carbon cleanup: how clean fuels will protect our health and save money

California is saving lives and boosting its economy by capping carbon emissions and supporting clean fuels. Can't we do the same for Washington?

Building a more sustainable mousetrap: UW Environmental Innovation Challenge

At the University of Washington, competing teams of students sought novel solutions to seemingly intractable environmental problems, from reducing packaging waste, to finding new paths for recycling, to creating new renewable energy systems.

Too dirty to recycle? Turn it into motor fuel

A new generation of "biorefinery" projects is turning garbage into fuel, and diverting municipal waste from landfills.

Sustainable biofuels are ready for prime time

We are seeing the first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plants commissioned in the United States and green diesel is emerging as a key biofuel, potentially a game-changer for sustainable advanced fuels.

Studying Termites to Achieve Better Biofuel

We can learn from termites--producing biofuels from innovative biorefineries that can break down crop residues and woody materials, doing so economically and in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

Spirit of St Louis Continues to Inspire Innovation

Erik Lindbergh’s organization Powering Imagination is now working with innovators in electric flight, biofuels, and noise reduction to influence the future direction of aviation.

Driving Forward

Join a growing coalition of businesses and organizations supporting a clean fuels standard for Washington.  

Oregon’s work-plan on climate and clean energy

Specifically for the 2014 short session, there was a collective agreement that lifting the 2015 sunset on the Clean Fuels Standard is a key priority, as is protecting the Renewable Portfolio Standard.  

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ATTC students at Linn-Benton Community College


An Oregon community college is fueling the future, fostering a new generation of mechanics in cleaner alternatives.

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Driving Forward

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Join a growing coalition of businesses and organizations supporting a clean fuels standard for Washington.
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