Photos of Oregon and Washington state capitols, side by side
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Big news for Northwest climate action

Broad coalitions for climate action took bold steps this week in Oregon and Washington, announcing plans to put climate and clean energy measures on the 2016 ballot.

Oct 14: We come together for climate action

#PeoplesClimate actions are taking place across the country on Oct 14! In Seattle, join author Naomi Klein and a diverse coalition of local leaders bringing hope and action to the fight against climate change. 

Oregon businesses building power for a clean economy

The Renew Oregon coalition is bringing Oregon businesses together with other voices for climate action. The list of companies backing the Oregon Business Climate Declaration continues to grow, as Portland's Mayor issues a climate challenge to local businesses.

Support Portland, Multnomah's move towards divestment

Portlanders: Let's tell City and County officials to align public dollars with public values. Support fossil fuel divestment today!

Yes, we can—but first, no, we mustn’t

This week in Anchorage, President Obama offered a beautiful, strong speech about the need for an epic response to climate change. But across the Northwest, our region still burns; and the President is permitting Shell to fan the flames with Arctic drilling. 

Ride for the climate!

Climate Solutions is now a beneficiary of the Climate Ride project--that means you can support Climate Solutions while enjoying the outdoor biking or hiking experience of a lifetime!

Transit-oriented neighborhoods will save energy—it's their density

Developing transit-oriented affordable housing (along with a robust transit system) can be a powerful climate solution for cities, increasing efficiencies and reducing the need for driving.

Big oil didn’t want this to happen (but it did)

Thanks to public pressure, there's a new opportunity for the people of Washington State to stand in the way of what would be the nation's largest crude oil terminal.

Who's running the Port of Seattle? Candidates Forum June 29

With an election on the way, here's a valuable opportunity to hear Port Commissioner candidates discuss their vision for a prosperous and sustainable public port.

From Portland to the Vatican and beyond... to prosperity

Portland is set to vote on the 2015 Climate Action Plan, an inspiring and historic vision for climate progress, economic prosperity, healthy communities and social equity in our region.

WWU 2016 Energy Symposium

On April 19, 2016 the Western Washington University Institute for Energy Studies will be holding its first Energy Symposium.  Students, faculty, and invited experts in the field of energy will be joining together on Western's campus for presentations, lively panel discussions, student poster sessions, and networking. Space is limited. Register now.

Northwest Wood-Based Biofuels & Co-Products Conference

The 2nd annual Northwest Wood-Based Biofuels & Co-Products Conference is an opportunity for regional leaders to communicate research findings and promote collaboration to convert wood to biofuels with focus on supply chain development, environmental impacts, co-products development for economic viability, K-12 education, and workforce development. Although the focus of the two-day conference will be on regional efforts, a national and global perspective would also be included. 

Three themes will be highlighted at the conference:

Local Impact 16 Conference

The #LocalImpact16 Conference will empower the next generation of sustainability and social responsibility leaders by providing access to networking events, engaging workshops, and discussions lead by professionals, activists and community leaders who are already creating change. We are looking for innovative and inspired people to join the movement and together we will maximize the positive impact we have on the prosperity of people AND the planet.

A new future

We're proud of our grandfathers who mined coal to power our economy in decades past. We hope that our grandchildren will be proud of our generation's work to replace coal with clean and renewable sources of energy. That transition is steaming ahead in 2016.

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