So that was the election. What now for climate?
The first in a series of articles on the election and what it means for climate action, especially in the Northwest.
Civic engagement

Broad coalition calls for action on climate change in WA

The Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy, launched with a show of support for legislation to put a price on large-scale carbon emissions, brings together an important breadth of voices calling for state action on climate and environmental pollution.

How we can win: the promise of progress

2015 is shaping up to be a year of potentially significant progress on climate change and clean energy. And nowhere in our country is the promise of action greater than here on the West Coast, 

President Obama: Reject Keystone XL

For weeks, President Obama has been speaking like someone who wants to reject Keystone XL. Now it’s up to us to make sure that he follows through in the ways that matter.

Stand with the Lummi Nation against coal export

In a game-changing move, the Lummi Nation are invoking their treaty rights and standing up to oppose a giant coal export facility on their shores. Let's stand with them!

Thank you! Climate leadership on display in Portland

"The challenge to create a sustainable economy is global – and requires a global response – but I know the Northwest can show the way."

ClimateCast logo over map of US being flooded

Few bright spots for climate in midterm election results

A few victories soften the blow of an otherwise painful midterm election, Oregon NGO cleanses its portfolio of fossil fuels, Brazil attracts cheap bids for a gigawatt of solar power, and more news of the week in clean energy solutions.

Local organizing produced climate victories at the ballot box

In the immediate aftermath of Election 2014, our national media machine is greased with stories repeating that the prospects for action on climate have shrivelled to tiny proportions. Handy narrative by the fossil fuel industry to try and perpetuate, but it’s not true.

"The riskiest decision a business person can make is to do nothing."

Washington business leaders speak out about the huge economic risk of inaction on climate and the huge economic opportunity of solutions.

Your vote is your voice for climate action

Where is your ballot right now? On your coffee table? In a pile? With a week left until the election, it’s time to remember that your vote is your voice for climate action.

Oil trains in WA? The price is too darn high

In the last week of October, Washington residents have a rare opportunity to raise our concerns about oil train safety and the prospect of even more unsafe oil trains rolling through our cities and towns. Attend a hearing in Spokane or Olympia and say no to big oil!

Yes, we can—but first, no, we mustn’t

Submitted by KC Golden on Tue, 09/01/2015 - 11:06

This week in Anchorage, President Obama offered a beautiful, strong speech about the need for an epic response to climate change. But across the Northwest, our region still burns; and the President is permitting Shell to fan the flames with Arctic drilling. 

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Ride for the climate!

Climate Solutions is now a beneficiary of the Climate Ride project--that means you can support Climate Solutions while enjoying the outdoor biking or hiking experience of a lifetime!

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