Oregon reclaims leadership on bold climate action
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has fulfilled her long-standing promise to take strong executive action to curb climate pollution. Learn more about what it does and why it matters.
Greenhouse emissions

From Portland to the Vatican and beyond... to prosperity

Portland is set to vote on the 2015 Climate Action Plan, an inspiring and historic vision for climate progress, economic prosperity, healthy communities and social equity in our region.

Bellevue builds clean energy cred

Bellevue, WA has been quietly earning accolades for its achievements in sustainability, clean energy and energy efficiency. What's next for this leading city?

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Bonn talks yield forest deal; rest of pact left to co-chairs

EPA to regulate airplanes’ climate pollution, Hawaii aims for 100% renewable power by 2045, rooftop solar installations up 76 percent, and more news of the week in clean energy solutions

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G7 to decarbonize by 2100, but sets vague 2050 goal

Norway divests from coal companies, former Tesla engineer retrofits garbage trucks with hybrid drive, Maasai women sell off-grid solar in the bush, and more news of the week in clean energy solutions.

Serenity, Shmerenity

The oil industry would like us to keep our dependence on fossil fuels in the category of "things I cannot change," instead of finding "courage to change the things I can." Shell's Arctic drilling plans pose a serious threat to our security and a stable climate future. Their fleet's presence in Seattle is straining our community and sending our economy off in the wrong direction. Serenity? Puh-leeze.

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The right policy for Oregon at the right time

An exciting bill making its ways through the legislature would hold major polluters accountable for their contributions to global warming, require Oregon to achieve its legislatively adopted climate goals, and level the playing field for clean energy development in our state. 

Big rigs leading the way on low-carbon transport

When you think of low carbon vehicles, are you more likely to envision a sporty Tesla than a delivery truck? If so, it may surprise you to know that the big rigs on the road—government and commercial fleets of trucks, buses, and even tractor trailers—are leading the charge toward clean, low carbon transportation.

Redmond, WA gets its clean energy house in order

Redmond, WA is walking its clean energy talk, allocating $820,000 to reduce the city's energy consumption and carbon footprint.

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Canada vows 30% carbon cut, pipelines hit resistance

$1 billion can’t buy love for an LNG terminal, biomimicry improves PV design, climate cinema on screens large and small, and more stories of the week in clean energy solutions.

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PV power surging ahead — no thanks to Moore’s Law

Biologists tally bird deaths at power tower, Tesla to offer home battery plus solar panels you can lease, Obama finds his climate anger, and more stories of the week in clean energy solutions. 

Tools of the Trade

Urban leaders are looking beyond their typical toolbox of policies, programs, and partnerships, and experimenting with new approaches to achieve carbon reduction through cleaner energy supply, building energy efficiency, and low-carbon transportation.

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Carbon Reduction Know-How

In the early days of climate action, urban plans to reduce carbon frequently suffered from the laundry list syndrome: cataloguing potential strategies without any evidence of how they would meet long-term goals. Since then, cities and counties have become more sophisticated about cutting carbon, and are developing clean energy transition plans to do it.

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Cities Setting the Pace

Leading urban governments have set aggressive goals such as carbon neutrality and 80% reduction by 2050, and others have committed to sourcing 100% of their energy with renewables. These are not empty pledges, but achievable goals that local officials are already implementing.

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The Low-Carbon City Movement

In December 2015, international leaders will gather in Paris for what are arguably the most important global climate talks ever. Countries are updating their carbon reduction pledges, which currently fall far short of what is necessary to hold global warming at two degrees Celsius. This represents an ambition gap among national negotiators that the bold climate leadership of city officials around the world can help close.

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