Washington State Government

Big news for Northwest climate action

by Gregg Small on October 6, 2015

Broad coalitions for climate action took bold steps this week in Oregon and Washington, announcing plans to put climate and clean energy measures on…

Cleaner air and climate action coming into view

by Ross Macfarlane and Caleb Smith on September 21, 2015

Washington's new Clean Air Rule will help protect our land, air, water, public health, and economy from the urgent threats posed by a warming climate…

Final Clean Power rules tougher, less friendly to gas

by Seth Zuckerman on August 3, 2015

Second-largest U.S. coal company files for bankruptcy, small businesses can finance solar arrays on their property tax bills, UPS aims for 12 percent…

Solutions ho!

by KC Golden on July 29, 2015

Climate policy question 1 is simple: Do we have the will to do what is necessary? Not what’s easy. Not what Big Oil will allow. What’s necessary.

Now we’re in business! Washington takes action on climate

by Alex Epstein on July 29, 2015

Thank Governor Inslee for responding to the threat of global warming—and ask him to continue working for just and equitable climate action that works…

Governor’s bold move puts Washington on track for meaningful climate action

by Climate Solutions on July 28, 2015

This week Governor Inslee announced bold action to address global warming, directing his administration to use its full authority under the Clean Air…

Big oil didn’t want this to happen (but it did)

by Joëlle Robinson on July 20, 2015

Thanks to public pressure, there's a new opportunity for the people of Washington State to stand in the way of what would be the nation's largest…

Oil versus Optimism

by Gregg Small on July 17, 2015

Tough legislative sessions in Washington and Oregon are over. But we, together with an inspiring coalition, are just getting started.

Green investment surging; rethinking weatherization

by Seth Zuckerman on June 29, 2015

Oil drilling suspended in Canadian Arctic, clean fuel rule survives challenge in Oregon, New York State sets higher climate targets, and more news of…

A last chance for clean fuels and public transit

by Alex Epstein on June 29, 2015

Yesterday's agreement on Washington's transportation budget allowed a "poison pill" to stand, pitting transit funding against a clean fuels standard…

WA Legislature must stand up to pressure from Big Oil

by Climate Solutions on June 29, 2015

Undue influence from the oil industry is putting Washington’s health, climate, safety, and communities at risk. A diverse coalition is asking the…

Clean fuels or better transit? A false choice for Washington

by Ross Macfarlane on June 22, 2015

The oil industry doesn't like competition. That's why their lobbyists are working around the clock to stop Governor Inslee from adopting a Clean…

Clean fuels help kids breathe easier, who’s opposed to that?

by Ben Serrurier on June 3, 2015

Washington prides itself on our dense forests, clean water, and sweet air. But dirty petroleum fuels are fouling our future; our asthma rate is…

Say no to public funding for coal export

by Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky on May 20, 2015

Last month Washington State climate activists spoke out to stop an $85 million coal export project that would be funded with tax dollars. But now,…

US pledges carbon cuts while CA shrivels in drought

by Seth Zuckerman on April 6, 2015

New solar and wind employment outpaces coal industry’s job losses, Ontario opts for cap-and-trade, yeast from sake-making may boost biofuels, and…