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US pledges carbon cuts while CA shrivels in drought

by Seth Zuckerman on April 6, 2015

New solar and wind employment outpaces coal industry’s job losses, Ontario opts for cap-and-trade, yeast from sake-making may boost biofuels, and…

Mexico, Norway pledge cuts in run-up to Paris talks

by Seth Zuckerman on March 30, 2015

U.S. coal sector in ‘structural decline,’ sea level rise could pop $1.4 trillion real estate bubble, UK climate emissions drop 8 percent, and more…

The Washington State House budget needs climate action

by Jessica Finn Coven on March 28, 2015

Our state budget should hold emitters accountable and invest in Washington communities. Our state budget should include the Carbon Pollution…

SB 5735: This bad bill is no win for the climate

by Ben Serrurier on March 18, 2015

Climate and clean energy debates in Olympia this year are focused on two different proposals, but only one that addresses the climate problem. One,…

Weak winter harms Northwest economies and workers

by Ross Macfarlane on February 13, 2015

The future of Winter demands climate action now.

Clean Fuel plan offers WA a triple win for climate, health and prosperity

by Ben Serrurier on February 5, 2015

Washington's Department of Ecology issued a draft Clean Fuel Standard this week. If a program here mirrors successes in other states, it will be a…

Cheap crude hurts oil firms; clean energy unscathed

by Seth Zuckerman on February 2, 2015

Germany stays on target in its transition to clean energy, U.S. poll shows half of Republicans and vast majorities of others want climate action,…

Broad coalition calls for action on climate change in WA

by Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy on January 27, 2015

The Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy, launched with a show of support for legislation to put a price on large-scale carbon emissions, brings…

Who's a polluter? This answer fails the smell test

by Ben Serrurier on January 23, 2015

State Sen. Schoesler is very concerned that UW and WSU might have to pay for their carbon emissions under the Governor's carbon reduction plan. But…

Game on for Bold Climate Action

by Elizabeth Willmott on January 23, 2015

In December 2014, 37 local elected leaders from across Washington State sent a clear statement of support for bold state action on climate change and…

How we can win: the promise of progress

by Gregg Small on January 22, 2015

2015 is shaping up to be a year of potentially significant progress on climate change and clean energy. And nowhere in our country is the promise of…

Carbon markets expand, cheap oil reshuffles deck

by Seth Zuckerman on January 20, 2015

Solar jobs up 22 percent last year, carbon market comes to South Korea, fossil-free Danish island inspires Maine utilities, and more stories of the…

Time for Local Climate Action in WA State

by Elizabeth Willmott on January 20, 2015

The 2015 Washington State Legislature gets underway in Olympia, and local officials across Washington are ready.

Carbon fee wins support, green investment up 16%

by Seth Zuckerman on January 12, 2015

Study says which fossil-fuel deposits should stay buried, Republicans back solar energy in Florida, Keystone fight emboldens opponents of other Big…

Cut carbon pollution, create clean energy jobs: Legislative priorities 2015

by Jessica Finn Coven on January 12, 2015

Climate change—and climate action—top the list of big issues before this year's Washington State Legislature. 

How's climate progress faring in Olympia?

It’s no secret that climate progress is having a rough week in Washington, D.C. Here in Washington State, our governor and others have pressed for policies to clean our air and move our state towards a clean-energy economy. So how is climate progress faring in our state legislature?

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The context for climate action now

The Washington State Legislature is talking about climate: specifically about putting a price on carbon pollution. Can we move from talk to action? Can we win climate and clean energy solutions that are fair, practical and effective? We think that we can, and we are all in.

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