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What now? Clean energy, climate, and the Washington Legislature 2016

by Vlad Gutman and Caleb Smith on April 19, 2016

After 12 turbulent weeks, complete with an unanticipated special session, Washington’s 2016 legislative season drew to a close at the end of March.…

Tesla ignites frenzy, Hawaii plans for 100% clean power

by Seth Zuckerman on April 4, 2016

2.5 million Americans work in clean energy, South Africa and Nevada solar plants provide night-time power, coalition builds behind Clean Power Plan, …

Growth in EV use could lead to next oil glut in 2020s

by Seth Zuckerman on February 29, 2016

Utilities move to cut coal use despite stay on Clean Power Plan, Shell replaces executive who led Arctic oil push, Midwest wind generation sets new…

Washington State takes steps to strengthen Clean Air Rule, cut emissions

by Vlad Gutman-Britten on February 26, 2016

Cleaner air ahead! Washington's Department of Ecology is giving itself the opportunity to strengthen new plans to cut carbon emissions and to…

This law would send WA backwards on climate action (that's the wrong direction)

by Caleb Smith on February 12, 2016

When it comes to global warming, we can't afford inaction. But that's what some Washington lawmakers are proposing, with a bill that would halt…

We've got momentum

by Gregg Small on February 5, 2016

Events in 2015 created so much momentum for the fight to stop global warming, and the first weeks of 2016 proved no different. Here's what Climate…

Step by step towards a clean-energy future

by Vlad Gutman-Britten on February 1, 2016

With the Washington State Legislature's 2016 session underway, Climate Solutions is working to decarbonize our state’s power grid, to cap climate-…

US solar jobs top 200,000; feds halt new coal leasing

by Seth Zuckerman on January 19, 2016

Global investment in renewables hits $329 B record in 2015; oil-train activists offer defense of necessity; utility-scale solar costs drop 17% in a…

Hey coal terminal: send not for whom the bell tolls

by Joëlle Robinson on January 12, 2016

Arch Coal's bankruptcy filing sends a huge signal that coal export is a bad business, and has no place in the Washington economy. Let's make sure our…

OR deal to phase out coal, double renewable power

by Seth Zuckerman on January 11, 2016

Solar supplies nearly 10 percent of California’s power in 2015, GM rolls out mass-market electric car with 200-mile range, NASA tests more efficient…

North America's largest crude-oil terminal doesn't belong here.

by Joëlle Robinson on January 8, 2016

We need your help to stop the largest proposed crude oil-by-rail terminal in North America! Tesoro wants to ship 360,000 barrels of volatile crude…

Capping emissions good for WA jobs, environment

by Climate Solutions on January 6, 2016

Climate Solutions, Washington Environmental Council, and Washington Conservation Voters respond to the WA Dept. of Ecology’s announcement of a draft …

Energy storage displacing new fossil gas plants

by Seth Zuckerman on January 4, 2016

Indian microfinance brings solar energy to off-grid villages and slums, Eugene tests microgrids powered by PVs, the ‘rebound effect’ is smaller than…

A Stronger Energy Code to Cut Carbon

by Elizabeth Willmott on October 16, 2015

A package of hugely important changes to Washington State codes are needed to make buildings more energy efficient and ready for solar and electric…

Coalitions announce plans for OR, WA voter initiatives

by Seth Zuckerman on October 12, 2015

Wind is cheapest power source in Germany and UK even without subsidy, analysts weigh in on ‘grid neutrality,’ major Italian utility pledges to be…

We all agree: it's time for climate action in Washington

A coalition of more than 25 organizations sent a message to Washington state legislators calling for strong climate action, in the form of three key solutions: (1) supporting a path to 100% carbon-free electricity, (2) putting a price on carbon pollution, and (3) advancing clean fuels for transportation.

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2017: The highlights were pretty bright

Yes, 2017 was an awful year in many ways. But it was also a year of transition for climate action. We and many others affirmed our ability to make progress at the speed and scale our climate crisis demands.

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