Oregon reclaims leadership on bold climate action
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has fulfilled her long-standing promise to take strong executive action to curb climate pollution. Learn more about what it does and why it matters.
Greenhouse emissions
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Climate action wins in court

Why rooftop solar is only half the price in Germany and Australia as in the U.S., what impacts of climate change make people move away, and other top stories of the week in climate and clean energy.

50x30 Carbon Reduction: What Would It Take?

The King County-Cities Climate Collaboration asked us what it would take to achieve meaningful carbon reduction goals by 2030. Here's our combination of strategies that can reduce emissions by 50 percent.

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Renewable standards turn out to be a bargain

The surprising role of deep-sea fishes in sequestering carbon, Tesla opens up its patents, Volkswagen brings a 260-mpg car to market, and much more.

Obama on cynicism: “Boo.” On hope: “Yay.”

President Obama is right:  cynicism is toxic to climate solutions.  But it can’t be cured just by naming it.  He has to fight it.

King County Prop 1: Why maintaining Metro bus service is a climate solution

On Earth Day—April 22—King County, WA voters should resoundingly pass Proposition 1 to keep Metro bus service at current levels, and send a strong message of support for our region’s environment, economy, and citizens.

We need stronger protections from Washington’s top fossil-fuel polluters

Big coal and big oil head the list of Washington's top polluters, reminding us that we need strong protections against greenhouse gas emissions.  

A Clean Fuels Standard works

Fossil fuel companies are trotting out another round of warmed over allegations that climate policy, in particular a clean fuels standard, is unworkable and will crash the economy. They’re running up against a difficult opponent: reality.

Clean Energy Wins in Double Legislative Overtime

While much of the media attention of the state legislature session focused on the near government shutdown and the budget negotiations, the legacy of the 2013 Washington State legislative session m

Cedar Grove

Garbage Gone Green

How a family-owned composting business transforms the Northwest garbage industry, captures carbon, changes consumer behavior and creates jobs.

Old Growth Forest, Oswald West State Park, Oregon. Photo by David Patte/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Ecosystems capacity to store carbon in future depends on emissions reductions now

How much carbon is stored in natural systems of the continental western US?  How much will be stored in future decades? A new US Geological Service survey provides some sobering answers.