Oregon reclaims leadership on bold climate action
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has fulfilled her long-standing promise to take strong executive action to curb climate pollution. Learn more about what it does and why it matters.
Greenhouse emissions
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Under Lima pact, all nations to cut carbon...voluntarily

Cheap petroleum leads firms to stop oil drilling, South Carolina gets net-metering for solar, carbon taxes get backing from studies in Oregon and Canada, and more stories of the week in clean energy solutions.

Aiming higher: the EPA's Clean Power Plan and the Northwest

Our comments on the EPA's Clean Power Plan. The Northwest is on a path towards a clean energy economy; abandoning coal and increasing renewables and energy efficiency. The county should follow, and should set bolder targets for reining in carbon pollution.

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Never send to know for whom the carbon burns

No matter how clean your electricity supply is on average, we’re all connected by a power grid that uses every available green electron. At the margin, we're all equal consumers of fossil fuel. 

Taskforce recommends carbon pricing for Washington

Ending polluters' free ride is the key recommendation of Governor Inslee's task force on carbon emissions.

U.N. climate panel delivers both warnings and solutions

Business as usual ends, badly and soon. That's the gist of a new report from the IPCC. But the report also delivers important conclusions about how we can save ourselves through a transition to clean energy.

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Choosing an energy path, with climate to match

Climate issues are playing a role in elections in Florida and Michigan, Oregon solar panel factory announces expansion, banks shun Australian coal project, and more stories of the week in clean energy solutions.

Clean fuels offer a cleaner future and economic growth

New developments in advanced biofuels—and a proposed clean fuels standard—hold great promise for helping cut back our dependence on dirty oil.

Washington businesses: Innovation demands climate action

On Oct. 27, more than 100 businesses launched the Washington Business Climate Declaration, citing "a clear and present need for action on climate change."

Cities on the Move

Aggressive city action can reduce global carbon emissions at least 10% by 2030, according to a C40 report at the UN Climate Summit. Across the US, we see examples of cities that are investing in clean energy and carbon reduction solutions.

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Art and Science: Carbon-Cutting in Shoreline, WA

On-the-ground urban carbon reduction strategies are essential with or without carbon pricing, as they are the bricks-and-mortar pathways to a low-carbon future.

Big rigs leading the way on low-carbon transport

When you think of low carbon vehicles, are you more likely to envision a sporty Tesla than a delivery truck? If so, it may surprise you to know that the big rigs on the road—government and commercial fleets of trucks, buses, and even tractor trailers—are leading the charge toward clean, low carbon transportation.

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