Oregon reclaims leadership on bold climate action
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has fulfilled her long-standing promise to take strong executive action to curb climate pollution. Learn more about what it does and why it matters.
Greenhouse emissions

For better growth, let's ensure a better climate

The signs are here: we can grow our economy, innovate, and reduce climate risks.

Cattle grazing in Marin

Soil carbon, home on the range

Turning organic materials into compost and applying it to rangelands on a larger scale could store a lot of carbon, repurpose organic waste, improve the health of rangelands, increase climate resilience, and help farmers’ bottom lines.

Oregon's largest tech firms join call for climate action

More than 200 companies so far have joined the Oregon Business Climate Declaration's call for state action on climate, Signers so far include Intel, eBay, Symantec, Nike and Adidas.

Oregon Rejects Critical Permit for Morrow Pacific Coal Export Proposal

A landmark climate victory: Oregon DSL's decision deals a heavy blow to coal export proposals in the Northwest.

This is What Climate Leadership Looks Like

It's worth celebrating that county and city leaders in the Northwest are up to the task of climate leadership.

The Electric Vehicle Imperative for Cities

When smart policy meets public demand, EV programs can help cities drive quietly into a low-carbon future.

Clean Water or Dirty Coal? Help Oregon decide

Tell Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality to protect the Columbia River from dirty coal!

Mobile, AL wetlands

Who saves with solar, and who pays?

Economic risks of climate change, severe drought and forests on fire, Fortune 500 companies embracing renewable energy, electric vehicles and utilities; and much more.

Waste becomes energy: Junction City closes the carbon loop

Food waste in landfills creates methane as it decomposes – a  potent greenhouse gas. An innovative program in Junction City, OR transforms this waste into clean, renewable energy.

ClimateCast Logo over algae in bags

‘Deep decarbonization’ feasible for biggest emitters

Fifteen roadmaps to decarbonize the biggest carbon-emitting economies, Indian solar entrepreneurs electrifying rural villages, oil companies gambling trillions in exploration dollars, and much more.

Game on for Bold Climate Action

In December 2014, 37 local elected leaders from across Washington State sent a clear statement of support for bold state action on climate change and clean energy. New Energy Cities is helping local officials advance clean energy in the 2015 state legislative session.

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